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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Night time

Every night I post a good night message on Facebook, this was last night's offering. I hope you enjoy it.
Who! who! cries the owl 
swooping, wings silent in the night
alone he circles, watching, waiting
as the moon's silver light 
catches the gleam in his eye
his talons gleam in the night
wise and ancient his lore and his task
for he is the keeper 
of your nightmares
he is the antithesis of your dreams
but fear not, for this night,
he keeps the dark for himself
that you may dream of
happy things, of daytime things
of love.

Monday, August 22, 2011

HI Everyone

I know its been a while since I've posted anything, I'm sorry about that, I just didn't have anything to say. Now I do!!
     The universe hates my family for some unknown reason {sigh} Let me tell you why I think so...It started in late May. My oldest son, while DH and I were in New Mexico visiting my Mother, rear ended a lady, her car had minor damage, his car was totaled.  Then, two and a half weeks ago as DH was coming home from the store, a double axle pick up truck, which was going the opposite direction, lost a wheel, it came flying across the road, Lee tried valiantly to avoid it, he went up on two wheels and all the way across the devil's strip and up across the sidewalk trying to avoid it, but alas he could not. it shredded the front left tire. At first we thought the tire was the only damage...it was not, the entire suspension system on that side has to be replaced, to the tune of 1500.00$ and they're having trouble getting a steering rod or some part, and we STILL don''t have our car back, which means I have no car to drive at all because the loaner is in Lee's name only.The Tuesday after that happened, my Daughter Becca was in Virginia driving down a large road at 60 mph when a woman turned left Right in front of her, Becca's car is totalled I don't know about the other woman's car. Even more importantly, Becca's left arm is broken in two places AND she may have torn ligaments in her wrist which will require surgery to repair them, We're waiting for some tests and results. Our insurance company is in shock!!
I'll bet your thinking I'm done right? Nope! We found out last week DH's company is laying off up to 10,000 people by the end of the year, naturally we're worried! I Swear I don't remember cutting off any gypsies but if I did I'm sorry I Swear!!!Please take the curse off my family!!
O.K. Now I'm done
Please send good thoughts and prayers, we need 'em before anything REALLY bad happens!! Thanks for "listening" and have a wonderful day

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today one of  the only real friends I've made since moving to North Carolina, is moving away. It's not of her choosing, she has to go where the work is, but boy am I gonna miss her. Now don't get me wrong its not like we're joined at the hip best buds but we have been getting closer lately and now she's gone. I know the turmoil she's feeling as she leaves, I felt it when we moved across the country. She's only going a few hours away but it must FEEL like a world  away, especially since the place she is going is SO MUCH more small town conservative than here.....and conservative is about the LAST word Id use to describe her. NO I would use words like smart, funny, beautiful, generous, loving, happy, graceful, with a wicked sense of humor and an ascerbic wit. She will be missed. And I hope she has a spare room as she WILL be visited!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday and I couldn't care less!!

So Here is an owl pin that I made from felt and buttons, stuffed with polyester fluff and the feathers are just embroidery floss! The quarter is so you can see the size. I just drew the owl shape onto cardstock, cut it out then used it as a pattern for the felt pieces. a little triangle for the beak and 4 buttons and ta da my very first project  posted!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I really am trying to get some of my projects posted here, but my DH is sooo busy and I haven't a clue so please hang in there and I will get them up I SWEAR soon!
On other things my heart really foes out to those in AZ who are suffering because of politics, I know it's a necessary evil but I really do wish there was a way to completely uninvent politics!! I know I know chaos would reign and there{{Sighs}} Oh well, there is really nothing I can do from here to help except keep them all in my heart and thoughts. I invite you to do the same. My DH and I went to Fayetteville to see my friend Teresa and had such a wonderful relaxing time!!! I Can't wait to go again. Part of the appeal is Teresa herself and part is the wonderful friends she has around her. Joyce and Mouna, Angela, Jan and Donna. Not to forget her terrier Gator, Who has the world's most epic eyebrows!! They are a wild and wonderful bunch of women that I really love being around. Did I mention Teresa lives on a small lake? So the view is also amazing. All we did was talk laugh and eat then talk and laugh some more but the people there really made us feel wanted and included and welcome, something rare in today's society I believe. For example we moved to NC 13 years ago, we don't know most of our neighbors, I've made very few friends and though part of that is because I was bed ridden for five of those years the rest is because no one seems interested. I try all the time and there are now a couple people I'd call my friend (besides Teresa and gang) but everyone out here already has friends they grew up with and friends they work with, and apparently they haven't the time nor inclination for any more.Please understand I don;t mean to sound like I'm whining here, simply stating a fact that makes me very sad that this is what society has come to in our suburbs. I really miss my CA. friends and I will never replace them but I would dearly love to add to them. OK enough about that.  I'll just close by saying "Friends wanted, apply here"

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well hello, It's Christmas Day, and what am I doing? I am sitting alone in my bedroom writing to no one because chances are that's who will be reading this. My family is all downstairs watching some dumb movie or another, which I have less than zero interest in doing,. So.....here I sit. Don''t get me wrong I'm not feeling sorry for myself or anything, I just think it's pretty pathetic that in 51 years I've not managed to affect anyone enough that, even on my favorite holiday, they miss me.  No friends or family have even asked if I want to come down. Including my DH of 30 years.
O.K. maybe I am feeling a little bit sorry for myself.
I am also waiting for it to start to snow which it is supposed to do Sometime today....that would make this my very first white Christmas!!! I really love this time of year, the songs, the feelings, the decorations, all of it, it makes me feel loved...usually.
In other news my daughter is here from Virginia for the weekend she looks great! I wonder if she knows how much I miss her? Probably not.Well It appears I have a pity party to attend so I'll sign off for now, talk to ya'll soon.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Is in three days and we have everything  bought paid for wrapped tagged ribbon and bowed and sent. Now that might sound like bragging, and maybe it is, it's just that I'm so darned amazed that it's done I couldn't help but tell ya'll!! We are having 7 for Christmas dinner this year so it should be fun. I hope I get, well lots of stuff you couldn't care less about. But most of it is for one craft or another. I did finally take pics of some of my projects, now I Just need to figure out how to get them out of my camera!! (Do you know if shaking it will help???)  I've been crocheting a lot, in fact I made more than 2 dozen hats in less than a month. It's a good thing Christmas was coming or I don't know WHAT I would have done with them all! LOL
Anyway I truly hope that you and your loved ones have a joyful, magical, harmonious, holiday. I'll try to check back in before new years and tell you how my day went.
Live peace

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That time of year

Well, the tree is up thanks to DH, the house and yard are decorated and almost all our gifts are bought or made.(I know I can't believe it either) and now it's truly a time to be happy and feel the love and Joy that family brings.   I think, that during the holidays we all try just a little bit harder to over look other peoples foibles and the small irritants of day to day life. Or at least we should. 
This year however I find myself with less family because my younger sister disowned me, told me a bunch of lies about mt Dad's final months and then made it so I can't even contact her. Great way for a 41 year old to act right? Still it does make me sad, partially because it's this time of year and partly just because I'm rapidly running out of family!! {sigh} Ah well, there's nothing I can do about it so I hereby resolve not to think about it and not to let it bother me. This is my Favorite time of the year and dang it I intend to enjoy it!!!!!
     I guess I should run now, I do still have a lot of wrapping and packing and sending to do!! Till next time 
               HO HO HO        Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello World

When we moved across the country I was really looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends, in my new hometown. Well... I'm still waiting. I truly feel like no one out here likes me especially not enough to pursue a friendship with me. I know people are busy with their already established lives and they already have longstanding friendships, (Like I used to have back in California) but does that HAVE to mean there's no room for New friends? I've tried really tried to make friends and a lot of people are really nice out here, but nothing ever comes of it. No invitations to go out, no hey come over and hang out or have dinner etc. I have invited other people to do things but they usually say no. I just don't understand why... what's wrong with me????? Somebody Please just tell me and I'll try to fix it I promise!!!!! I just can't live like this and I honestly don't know how to fix it. I don't know what to do. Ah well enough of my stupid problems. I've been busy making stuff so should have lots of pics for you soon. Above (hopefully) is one from my trip to Charleston, SC. We'll talk again soon I promise.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 28th

     One year ago today my daddy died. He was not my biological father. But he was a lot more than that to me. He volunteered to raise me and adopt me, to make me his legally and every other way. He hugged me, he spanked my butt when I needed it, and he cared about me, protected me, up to and including taking on a guy who was 18 when he was 40+ because the guy threatened my health, well being, and safety when I was at school. Daddy picked him up and threw him through a window. The guy never bothered me again. Ever. Now that's not to say we always got along, no parent and child does but I always knew he was there if I needed him.
During the last ten years of his life, Daddy and I lived 2,000 miles apart, so I didn't get to see him but three times during that whole period., and he was never one to talk on the phone for very long so I missed a lot of his life. However that's both good and bad, it's bad in all the normal ways but it's good in that I didn't have to see him really start to age and become frail. Anyone who knew or ever just met my Dad will tell you, frail is NOT a word one would use to describe him. More like, axe wielding, alpha male, with the heart of a well loved teddy bear. Axe wielding you say? Yes he made a point of being in the yard "Practicing" throwing his axe at the fence whenever a new boyfriend was expected to drop by. His version of have her home on time and no funny stuff...if only he knew.  Lol
     My dad was a carpenter, a roofer to be more precise, that meant putting on tar and gravel roofs, plus he smoked from like ten years old till a few years before he died, so it should be no surprise that lung cancer is what took him. Yet it was a complete surprise to me. I think really anything would have been a surprise I mean this big strong bear of a man, nothing could be stronger than he was, or so I thought.
     I feel like I'm trying hard to tell you who this man was and what he meant to me and doing a very poor job of it here.
      He was MY Daddy my protector, my authority, my provider, and my stability and I Knew, it was because he chose me to be his daughter. The day he walked me down the aisle he had a bigger smile on his face than I did! His love was uncompromising and unmeasurable and if he loved you you knew you were loved., without a doubt.
     Dad was American Indian, Cherokee and Choctaw and thus had this stoicism about him, he never complained, never told you if he was worried about something, because that's how he was raised... to be a man.
I'm really proud of his Indian heritage I think being related to this land, to this country is a really amazing thing to be able to say. Legally (I don't know if by blood) I claim that right, because he chose to pass it on to me by adopting me.
     Anyway, I know I'm rambling here and that's not what I had intended to do so....One year ago today my Daddy died and I want everyone to know that I love him and I miss him every single day.
Talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charleston SC

Our trip was wonderful, tho too short. We ate well, but mostly we looked, the architecture in the french quarter is amazingly beautiful. and the wrought iron decoration is nothing short of awe inspiring. We got some great goodies for family for Christmas. And I saw some other things I'd love to have gotten but could in no way afford. Took a LOT of pics, which, when my DH gets home from his business trip and shows me how to get them out of my camera, I will be posting, here and on FB. A few days after we got home we went and had dinner then saw Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers in concert. A Fantastic Band!! A wonderful show! I'll post a song tomorrow ...hopefully.. I am still learning how to do this whole blog thing. On other fronts, my Doctor has me on a new med for my depression, and for the moment it seems to be helping. I've actually finished about 6 art projects this week, a record for the year I think! I made the pumpkin I posted a few days ago, but mine is white and turned out really well. so Thanks to the designer!The background for today is purple in honor of the wear purple for GLAAD day!GLAAD - Wear Purple on Oct. 20 for Spirit Day #SpiritDay 
O.K.I'll see you tomorrow Ciao`