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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well hello, It's Christmas Day, and what am I doing? I am sitting alone in my bedroom writing to no one because chances are that's who will be reading this. My family is all downstairs watching some dumb movie or another, which I have less than zero interest in doing,. So.....here I sit. Don''t get me wrong I'm not feeling sorry for myself or anything, I just think it's pretty pathetic that in 51 years I've not managed to affect anyone enough that, even on my favorite holiday, they miss me.  No friends or family have even asked if I want to come down. Including my DH of 30 years.
O.K. maybe I am feeling a little bit sorry for myself.
I am also waiting for it to start to snow which it is supposed to do Sometime today....that would make this my very first white Christmas!!! I really love this time of year, the songs, the feelings, the decorations, all of it, it makes me feel loved...usually.
In other news my daughter is here from Virginia for the weekend she looks great! I wonder if she knows how much I miss her? Probably not.Well It appears I have a pity party to attend so I'll sign off for now, talk to ya'll soon.

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