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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I really am trying to get some of my projects posted here, but my DH is sooo busy and I haven't a clue so please hang in there and I will get them up I SWEAR soon!
On other things my heart really foes out to those in AZ who are suffering because of politics, I know it's a necessary evil but I really do wish there was a way to completely uninvent politics!! I know I know chaos would reign and there{{Sighs}} Oh well, there is really nothing I can do from here to help except keep them all in my heart and thoughts. I invite you to do the same. My DH and I went to Fayetteville to see my friend Teresa and had such a wonderful relaxing time!!! I Can't wait to go again. Part of the appeal is Teresa herself and part is the wonderful friends she has around her. Joyce and Mouna, Angela, Jan and Donna. Not to forget her terrier Gator, Who has the world's most epic eyebrows!! They are a wild and wonderful bunch of women that I really love being around. Did I mention Teresa lives on a small lake? So the view is also amazing. All we did was talk laugh and eat then talk and laugh some more but the people there really made us feel wanted and included and welcome, something rare in today's society I believe. For example we moved to NC 13 years ago, we don't know most of our neighbors, I've made very few friends and though part of that is because I was bed ridden for five of those years the rest is because no one seems interested. I try all the time and there are now a couple people I'd call my friend (besides Teresa and gang) but everyone out here already has friends they grew up with and friends they work with, and apparently they haven't the time nor inclination for any more.Please understand I don;t mean to sound like I'm whining here, simply stating a fact that makes me very sad that this is what society has come to in our suburbs. I really miss my CA. friends and I will never replace them but I would dearly love to add to them. OK enough about that.  I'll just close by saying "Friends wanted, apply here"

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