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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charleston SC

Our trip was wonderful, tho too short. We ate well, but mostly we looked, the architecture in the french quarter is amazingly beautiful. and the wrought iron decoration is nothing short of awe inspiring. We got some great goodies for family for Christmas. And I saw some other things I'd love to have gotten but could in no way afford. Took a LOT of pics, which, when my DH gets home from his business trip and shows me how to get them out of my camera, I will be posting, here and on FB. A few days after we got home we went and had dinner then saw Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers in concert. A Fantastic Band!! A wonderful show! I'll post a song tomorrow ...hopefully.. I am still learning how to do this whole blog thing. On other fronts, my Doctor has me on a new med for my depression, and for the moment it seems to be helping. I've actually finished about 6 art projects this week, a record for the year I think! I made the pumpkin I posted a few days ago, but mine is white and turned out really well. so Thanks to the designer!The background for today is purple in honor of the wear purple for GLAAD day!GLAAD - Wear Purple on Oct. 20 for Spirit Day #SpiritDay 
O.K.I'll see you tomorrow Ciao`

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